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Before you move there is a lot of preparation to be done. Start early! Here are some things to start thinking about well before you move.
    • Call your Movers - be sure to have handy the address you are moving from, address you are moving too, and your desired date to move. They might also need information about the square footage of the house you are moving from, approximate number of boxes and similar information so they can give a proper estimate of moving costs.

You’ve decided to make a move and now your moving date is quickly approaching. Preparing to relocate can be a daunting task but our top ten moving tips can make your day go smoothly.

Moving day is approaching and you need to get your entire house of belongings packed into boxes for the movers. Where do you begin? How do you pack your belongings for the most efficient and easy move. Here are some helpful tips from GoGetter.

Stopping & Starting Household Services

In addition to changing your address, there are some other important things to take care of before and after you move. Utility companies and service providers will need to be notified, meters need to be recorded and read, and equipment will need to be transferred and installed. The following guidelines provide some helpful reminders about details to take care of before and after your move.

Whether you are repositioning furniture in your home or moving your household to a new location, trying to move furniture is a big job and requires proper preparation, planning and a measure of skill to avoid injury or damage to your belongings.

If the job is more than you can handle, please remember that GoGetter is always happy to lend a hand for any moving job, big or small. Otherwise, here are some tips for moving furniture the old fashioned way:

Moving during the winter can be challenging, dealing with freezing cold temperatures and trying to navigate slippery, snow-covered roads can be daunting! Here are some tips for cold weather moving to save you some headaches and make your cold weather move a success.

When preparing your household items for a move, special attention needs to be given to your home electronics. Not only are these items valuable – they can also be very delicate and fragile.

The following tips give some helpful suggestions on safely packing a variety of electronics including plasma, LCD and flat screen televisions, stereo equipment, personal computers, printers, surround sound systems, DVD and VCR players and more.

Planning for A Hassle Free Moving Day With Kids

Moving day is always busy and when you have children, it can be downright hectic, but with advance planning you can save yourself a lot of hassle and keep your kids happy too. Here are some helpful tips for planning for moving day with kids.

Moving a backyard playground can be quite a process. Follow these tips below to make sure the process is completed properly and with minimal hassle.

  1. Dismantle the Playground
  2. Moving the Playground
  3. Reassemble the Play Structure

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