Have Questions about GoGetter Moving Services?

No problem! We answer the most common questions below. If you would prefer to discuss with us then we would love to hear from you! Please call us at 204-228-3260.

  1. What are your rates for moving?

    GoGetter will provide a quote for your move based on your requirements because every move is different. If you combine services you can get even better rates. All rates include two movers and you can see the details on our Pricing Page or call us to discuss your options and get a FREE quote at (204) 228-3260. See our Moving page for more details on our moving service.

  2. How many GoGetter service providers will be assisting with my move?

    Our moving rates are based on two service providers unless it’s a big move with large, heavy items that require more than two people. Just let us know if your move requires an extra set of hands and the rate will be adjusted accordingly.

  3. Are GoGetter service providers licensed and bonded?

    All of GoGetter’s service providers are licensed, insured and bonded for your peace of mind. Our team is always in uniform and you will know them by their GoGetter hat and/or shirt. Read more about GoGetter’s great service providers and read our Privacy Policy

  4. How many moving boxes do I need?

    The number of moving boxes you need depends on the size of your move. Our partner FROGBOX takes the guesswork out of estimating by bundling their moving boxes into standard house sizes based on the number of bedrooms. Find out more about FROGBOX and their handy box estimate calculator.

  5. Does GoGetter provide moving blankets and shrink wrap?

    GoGetter offers shrink wrap for those that prefer their furniture wrapped in plastic. The cost of shrink wrapping two items is included in a standard move and extra can be purchased for $25/roll. Alternatively, GoGetter provides furniture pads and moving blankets at no extra charge and you can usually acquire mattress covers where you originally bought your mattress. See more tips on packing & moving materials.

  6. What safeguards does GoGetter have in place to reduce the risk of damage to my belongings during the move?

    Along with using shrink wrap and moving blankets, GoGetter will:

    • use proper packing practices to ensure belongings are secure
    • strap furniture in place when needed
    • employ professional, experienced movers that know how to optimize space and avoid damage and breakage
  7. What packing supplies does GoGetter recommend?

    Along with clean and sturdy moving boxes, you may also want to stock up on packing supplies including:

    • bubble sheeting
    • foam wedges
    • cardboard sheeting
    • frame protectors
    • loose fill
    • inflatable bags
    • labels & markers
    • cloth-backed tape
    • scissors/utility blade

    For a closer look at preparing for a move, consider our handy Packing Supplies Checklist.

  8. Do you have any tips on changing my address?

    We do! See our Address Change in Winnipeg article for a list of all places to change your address in Winnipeg, Manitoba & Canada.

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