Before you move there is a lot of preparation to be done. Start early! Here are some things to start thinking about well before you move.
    • Call your Movers - be sure to have handy the address you are moving from, address you are moving too, and your desired date to move. They might also need information about the square footage of the house you are moving from, approximate number of boxes and similar information so they can give a proper estimate of moving costs.
  • Call your service providers to plan the process for moving your services & accounts to your new location - Phone, Internet, Cable, Water, Electricity, Gas, Postal Services, Alarm Company. See our Address Change article for tips on where you'll need to change your address.
  • Start Packing - start the packing process early so you don't have to rush at the end. See our How To Pack Guide for more information. Be sure to label each box by room so the movers know where to place them in your new home.
  • Make a Junk Pile during your packing process. Keep a donation pile, garage sale pile, junk pile. If you can't dispose of these items your self you can call GoGetter to do it for you before or after your move.
  • If possible, prepare & clean your new house prior to moving in. Make sure water heater & heat/air conditioning is turned on. Make sure there are working lights in every room. Clean the cupboards, kitchen, closets, laundry room, bathrooms, wash the windows, clean the garage and organize anything that was left behind. Put left behind items in the "Junk" pile to be hauled away after the move.
  • Clean your house for the new residents as much as possible so there are only minor cleaning to be done on the day of the move.

On Moving day

The big day! It will be a busy and exciting day, use these tips below to keep organized and help the day go smoothly.

  • Empty the frigde/freezers into coolers.
  • Pack your "overnight" bag of essentials for easy access - toothbrush and toothpaste, change of clothes & PJs, favourite blanky for kids, a few toys to keep kids occupied (or better yet have a babysitter for the kids for the day) Pack separately anything you want quick easy access to as soon as you arrive at your new home, take this bag in your own car to have access as soon as you need.
  • Be at the house when the movers are packing the truck to help with special instructions and ensure nothing is forgotten.
  • Be at the new home when the movers arrive so you can unlock the house and help direct the movers to place boxes, furniture & appliances in the correct rooms.
  • Prepare your new home - Hopefully you were able to get into your new home before the move and prepare it in advance.
  • Unpack! Unpack essentials first - kitchen, bathroom, bedding.

After The Move

  • After the move perform finishing touches to clean your old home for the new residents.
  • Prepare your new home for living - hang pictures, position furniture, mow the lawn, prepare outdoor flower gardens.

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