Planning for A Hassle Free Moving Day With Kids

Moving day is always busy and when you have children, it can be downright hectic, but with advance planning you can save yourself a lot of hassle and keep your kids happy too. Here are some helpful tips for planning for moving day with kids.


  1. Plan Ahead

    Decide if you will send your children to spend the day with friends or if it makes more sense to have a babysitter or a grandparent on site for moving day.

    Keep in mind that you will be busy overseeing the move and it will be very difficult to be attentive to the kids while movers are packing and loading. Having another adult means you will have an extra set of hands and they can keep the children occupied.

  2. Pack Smart

    It also makes sense to pack an overnight bag with pyjamas, toothbrushes and other bedtime essentials so that when you arrive, you have everything you need for bedtime close at hand.

    Be sure to clearly label and pack the kids bedroom items so that they get loaded last and can be unpacked first. You might want to include a popup tent with the bedroom items so that you can contain the children to one room while the movers are going in and out.

    If your kids are under five and still take naps, pick a time of day to move that will accommodate nap schedules and work best for your kids.

  3. On The Road

    If your destination is quite a distance, it is helpful to select a few favorite items to travel along for the ride. Packing a travel bag for each child will give you quick access their favorite blanket, stuffed animal, snacks and drinks. You can also include coloring books, crayons and other travel-friendly activities for the car ride. It also lightens up moving day if you buy the children a new toy or treat once the movers have finished packing and you get on the road.

  4. Setting Up

    Even if you don't intend to unpack and set up your children's' bedrooms the day you arrive, be sure to unpack essential items like pillows, comforters and favorite toys so that you can provide for your kids immediate needs following the move.

Moving day is always busy but planning ahead can make the day go much more smoothly, especially for those with kids!

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