You’ve decided to make a move and now your moving date is quickly approaching. Preparing to relocate can be a daunting task but our top ten moving tips can make your day go smoothly.

  1. Gather a moving supplies survival kit.

    Being prepared for those last minute emergencies you will cut down on your stress and save time.

    Moving Toolkit
    • scissors,
    • a measuring tape,
    • duck tape,
    • hammer,
    • pencil & paper

    Remember to always put things back in your moving tool kit so you can find them when you need them. For a comprehensive list of packing supplies see our packing supplies checklist.

  2. Enlist Help From Your Kids

    Get your family involved by making a plan and delegating tasks. Encourage your kids to gather and sort through their toys and rooms. Make an effort to talk positively about the move so your kids won’t feel it’s a scary or stressful event. The day of the move make arrangements for childcare. Once everything has been moved out have your children walk through the empty house and say goodbye to it, this will help them with the transition. See our moving with kids article.

  3. Lighten the Load

    Take this opportunity to purge unused gadgets, clothes or furniture. This is the perfect time to give away or sell your belongings that have lost their meaning and usefulness. Think about having a garage sale or donating your unwanted items to charity. GoGetter offers a garbage and donation removal service to make your pre-move cleaning quick and easy.

  4. Pack It Up and Start Early

    After you have culled the forgotten corners of basement storage rooms, junk drawers and attics for unused items, it’s now time to organize the things you have left and pack them up. GoGetter recommends FROGBOX plastic reusable moving boxes. FROGBOX is a smart alternative to the less sturdy and wasteful cardboard box. FROGBOX‘s can be used over and over again and are delivered right to your doorstep pre-move and picked up when you’re finished unpacking. Read more about FROGBOX.

  5. Label Your Boxes

    Label your boxes by the room they belong in. This will help to bring order to your truck unloading and unpacking process. Placing the label on the side of the boxes will make it easier to read once the boxes are stacked. Consider numbering your boxes, it will be easier to account for all your boxes and to know if any are misplaced. See a full list of GoGetter Packing Tips.

  6. Make a List and Check it Twice

    Now you can start thinking of all the details that need attention as your make your move. Don’t forget details like calling your service providers to change your address (see GoGetter’s Winnipeg Address Change Checklist) and remembering to put your frozen items in the freezer right away. Check out our comprehensive moving checklist to help you remember these details.

  7. Leave Cleaning Supplies Unpacked

    When you go to do the final cleaning of your old home you want all your supplies in a handy spot. Avoid the frustration of realizing your broom is tucked away in the box at bottom of the stack

  8. Have a Plan for the Moving Day

    Talk with your GoGetter movers to figure out a plan for the day. Communication between everyone involved will help to make your day efficient. Decide what will be moved first and where furniture and boxes will go in the new house. You might want to plan ahead for moving day meals and snacks. Think about asking a friend to use their backyard for a BBQ supper to celebrate with your team at the end of the day. For more information: GoGetter moving services.

  9. Pack an Overnight Bag

    Pack an overnight bag for the first couple nights. You will be thankful to easily pull out your pajamas and toothbrush after a busy day of moving instead of rummaging through packed boxes. Remember to pack bed sheets and towels in this bag for easy access. Packing a small bag of your child’s favorite toys will also be helpful to entertain your kids in the first few days in their new space.

  10. Prepare to Have a Good Night Sleep

    The first thing to do in your new place is set up your bed. You will be thankful to have a made up bed ready for you rather than fumbling around when you’re tired. Now settle in for a good night sleep in your new home sweet home!

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