Moving day can be absolutely awful. You've already made the hard decision to leave your current location, faced the massive and daunting task of packing the majority of belonging and now you want to worry about how to get from a to z with all your stuff? Why would you do that do yourself, your family, friends (while you still have them) or employees? Take the stress out of it and engage us to take care of the heavy lifting. Save yourself and those around you the risk of injury and argument.


There is nothing more fun than buying new furniture - whether it's for your home or business. You receive that new chair, desk, bookshelf or play structure - open the box and find a 1000 pieces of things you don't even recognize and a book full of pictures that don't match the parts. Probably not too excited about that new piece of furniture anymore... Or you can order that new piece of furniture, call us to pick it up, deliver it and we can take care of trying to interpret the confusing "instructions" provided. We've seen it all and can successfully assemble furniture while you do what you should be doing - whatever you want!


You've found that perfect item for your home or office. Now you have to get it home or to work but you drive a compact car - now what do you do? You call us of course. We will go and pick up your purchase, deliver it safely to its destination and to make your life even easier we'll assemble it for you. Simple, easy, efficient. After all, who wants to be tying things to their roof when you have Go Getters to take care of it?

Junk Removal

One man's junk is another man's treasure - as the age old adage goes. If that applies, we can help give new life to your old items when we pick them up and deliver them to a charity of your choice or one of the numbe of organizations we work with. Some items have reached their lifespan however and we can ensure those are delivered to the most eco-friendly end stop.

On-Site Assembly

Interoffice moves can become a headache and asking your Accounting team to move furniture may not be the best way to spend your money - or maintain your team members. IT may be able to fix your computer, but are they the best choice to assemble their desks? When it comes to home renos, there's no quicker way to start a fight than trying to navigate a mattress or couch up a set of stairs. Save yourself the frustration and let us quickly move your home or office equipment.

And More...

Life can be so busy between running from work to pick up the kids or the dog, making it to that sporting even or even looking after your health by taking the dog for a walk. As a home or business owner, there's always a list of things to be done from raking the leaves to hanging those paintings. Or maybe it's just too hard on your body to climb that ladder to clean the eaves. Focus on what makes the best use of your time and use our team to take care of the daily grind.

Why You Want a Go Getter


There is so much to take care of during a move, you need to know you can trust the people you’re working with. We’ll be open and honest and hold your hand all the way through the process.


Time is money, but it’s also time you could be spending enjoying your new home or office. Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible while ensuring the well-being of your belongings.


Most importantly, we’ll add a lot of personality to what could be a stressful day. We’ll do our best to entertain your family or office!

Keep Your Friends, Family and Employees. Let Go Getter take care of it all.

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