Whether you are repositioning furniture in your home or moving your household to a new location, trying to move furniture is a big job and requires proper preparation, planning and a measure of skill to avoid injury or damage to your belongings.

If the job is more than you can handle, please remember that GoGetter is always happy to lend a hand for any moving job, big or small. Otherwise, here are some tips for moving furniture the old fashioned way:

GoGetter is always happy to lend a hand for any moving job, big or small.

  1. Moving Furniture Tip #1: Get Some Help

    Before you try to move large furniture on your own, make a few calls and see who you can recruit to help. Another set of hands or two can mean the difference between a strained back or damaged furniture!

  2. Moving Furniture Tip #2: Take Measurements

    Using a tape measure, make a note of the size of the item you wish to move as well as the size of the doorways and openings you are planning to carry it through. If you are planning to move an item with a truck, you will also need to know the size and length of the truck.

    In the case of sectional sofas, desks and other awkward items, you may have to partially disassemble them before attempting to move them. Not only will this make it easier to navigate tight corners but it will also prevent sections from being damaged or breaking off.

    Keep in mind that GoGetter can help with the tough stuff! They have professional movers who can take the guess work out of trying to move more complicated pieces – from disassembly to reassembly to set up in your new home or location.

  3. Moving Furniture Tip #3: Gather Supplies

    Items you can use for moving:

    • towels, rugs, blankets
    • cardboard
    • felt pads
    • commercial sliders
    • dolly or wagon
    • furniture pads
    • Shrink-Wrap (Stretch-Wrap)


    Affix felt pads or commercial sliders to the feet and bottom edges of furniture to avoid scratching and tearing the flooring. Old rags, towels, throw rugs or blankets can also serve as a buffer to protect the floor from damage.

    Don't forget that GoGetter now offers Shrink-Wrap (Stretch-Wrap) if you want to wrap your furniture in plastic to minimize scuffs and stains or you can ask about their furniture pads (moving blankets) for extra cushioning.


    If you have a wagon or a dolly this can make moving large items much easier. Just be sure to use proper straps to hold the item in place to avoid injury or damage.

  4. Moving Furniture Tip #4: Empty Everything

    Before you move furniture items like dressers, make sure to take out the drawers to make it lighter. When moving a sofa, take off the cushions, the feet and the mattress too, in the case of a sofa bed. You can transport these lighter items separately, and it will lighten your load and make moving the large item less cumbersome.

  5. Moving Furniture Tip #5: Rock, Slide, Push, Pull or Twist

    When you are finally ready to move the item, be sure to position the weight. Place an arm on either side of the furniture and brace with your arms and lower body. Try rocking and sliding, pushing and pulling, tipping and twisting or even 'walking' the item by leaning it on its' back legs and then moving it left side, then right side towards your destination. If you do need to lift a heavy item, keep your upper back straight and bend at the knees, using them to lift to avoid damage to your back.

    Remember – If an item is too large or cumbersome to move on your own or you simply want the peace of mind that comes with hiring professional movers, you can always give GoGetter a call!

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