Stopping & Starting Household Services

In addition to changing your address, there are some other important things to take care of before and after you move. Utility companies and service providers will need to be notified, meters need to be recorded and read, and equipment will need to be transferred and installed. The following guidelines provide some helpful reminders about details to take care of before and after your move.

Part 2: Stopping & Starting Household Services in Winnipeg

This is a two part series on Moving, Address changes & Service Providers in Winnipeg.
Part 1: Change of Address | The Ultimate Guide for Winnipeg
Part 2: Stopping & Starting Household Services

Household Utilities Checklist

  • Natural Gas/Electricity
  • Water & Waste

When you are preparing to move you need to make arrangements to stop your current utility services. This involves contacting the company who provides service and giving them final meter readings and arranging for service at your new address. Keep in mind that you are responsible for your property's utility bills until the new owner legally takes possession. If you are a tenant and you pay your own utilities, you are responsible for the charges incurred until you have returned the keys to the property owner.

Water Service in Winnipeg
  1. Manitoba Hydro Meter Reading

    Find out how to take your electricity and natural gas meter readings at the following links:

    How To Read Your Hydro Meter

    How To Read Your Natural Gas Meter

    You can submit your natural gas and electricity meter readings to Manitoba Hydro by telephone by calling 204-453-6712 (Winnipeg) or 1-800-652-4490. Simply follow the instructions and submit your meter number and your meter reading at the prompts.

  2. Water Meter Reading

    Find out how to take your water meter reading at the following link:

    How To Take A Water Meter Reading

    You can submit your meter readings to Winnipeg Water & Waste by calling 204-986-3212. Follow the recorded instructions and enter your meter number and meter reading at the prompts.

  3. Move Hydro & Water Service Accounts

    Find out how to take your water meter reading at the following link:

    When you move to your new home, a new account number will be assigned. This is important to remember if you pay your bills online or by telephone. Be sure to inform your banking institution that your account number has changed.

    You can also change your address, stop your current service and start your new service (natural gas, electricity, water & waste) through the Province of Manitoba’s online Change of Address Service.

  4. Cable, Phone & Other Service Providers

    Cancelling your current services and setting up new ones involves more than just changing your address. You will need to disconnect service at your old home and schedule a service day for a technician to come out and set up service at your new home. It's important to remember to bring the equipment from your current address with you to your new address in order to have your services set up during your scheduled installation time.

    For household and domestic services you will need to notify each one that you are moving and either discontinue service or give them your new address if you wish to continue services.

    You will also need to contact your house and contents insurance provider to cancel your current policy and update them with the details of your new home, since changes will need to be made that could change your payments.

Service Provider checklist

  • Cable/Satellite/Internet
  • Home Phone/Cell Phone
  • Lawn Service/Cleaning Service/Snow Removal
  • Alarm Service
  • Newspaper Delivery
  • House & Contents Insurance

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