Hickory Helps Moving Tips and Ideas
So, anyone can use a screwdriver, right? The answer is it depends on the context. Yes, anyone can use a screwdriver - but can they use it correctly and not cause damage? When it comes to furniture assembly, the pictures make it look so easy but if you've ever bought pre-pack furniture and tried to follow the undirectional pictures you know that is not the complete truth.
Hickory Helps Moving Tips and Ideas
It's time to move into your new home or office and you've found the perfect piece of furniture to add to your collection. You've managed to get the product to it's destination and the anticipation to see the final result is killing you. So you jump in and start putting it together and within minutes you're banging your head against the wall or desk. Let's see if we can protect you from that.
Hickory Helps Moving Tips and Ideas

Moving. This has been listed as one of the the biggest stressors a person or business can experience. What is it about moving that makes it so bad? There's the preparation, the planning, the packing and then there's the actual execution and the disruption that causes. If you look at it a little differently moving can actually be an exciting opportunity, especially if you follow our top tips.

Hickory Helps Safe Lifting

Office moves can be stressful and expensive with the cost potentially increasing depending on how well you've planned. The planning process can be as simple or complex as the person in charge of it and as we all know, there are some department who are better at that. Some departments have a tendency to make plans so detailed and complex while others keep it so simple they never look at the fine print. A good example is one of the most common jokes: What is the definition of an engineer? Answer: Someone who solves a problem you didn't know you had, in a way you don't understand.

Hickory Helps Safe Lifting

All jokes aside, moving your office or home can be dangerous than you think. It is physically exhausting work and experience really does pay when it comes to lifting heavy or awkward items. If you're planning a Do-It-Yourself move it's important to take the steps to protect yourself and your family or employees. Even more important than protecting your belongings. So I've put together some suggestions for you (it's me, Hickory):

Go Getter Joins Sierra Courier

We are jumping up and down to announce the launch of our new website. The new site not only fits all the latest responsive requirements but has style. The goal was to simplify the information to make it as easy as a move with Go Getter is and we believe it is goal achieved.

Go Getter Joins Sierra Courier

It is with great excitement that we at Go Getter Moving & Assembly announce the merger Go Getter and Sierra Courier as of June 2017. This new alliance will help to form a larger, stronger company that will be able to provide our customers with more service options and technological opportunities.

The management at Sierra is very excited about the chance to be working Go Getter and providing the best possible service in the same way they have for many years.

IKEA Furniture Asesmbly

Like many Winnipeggers, GoGetter is so excited about the coming Grand Opening of the new Winnipeg IKEA store. In anticipation, we have scoured the IKEA website and come up with our Top 5 items we would love to assemble for you.

Our technicians are experienced in furniture assembly of all kinds. Your furniture will be assembled in a timely and professional manner. The furniture will be positioned and all packaging materials will be removed from your home.

GoGetter Staff Party at Speed World


The GoGetter staff put their driving abilities to the test at Speedworld on Saturday to see who's the best!!

It was an honour for GoGetter to receive the ALS Society's Marcel Bertrand Memorial Business Award

Results are in!

GoGetter Moving was voted Top 3 Moving Company of 2015 in the City of Winnipeg.


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