I Sold my House, Now What?

The conditions of the purchase contract have been removed, the contract has been signed, the new owner has the property title and your home is officially sold. Congratulations... but now what?

Here are some helpful reminders for what to do once your house has sold:

  1. Call Movers & Get An Estimate

    GoGetter can help you with all of your winnipeg moving needs! Call 204.228.3260 for a Free Quote.

  2. Contact Your Service Providers

    Notify your existing service providers and set up services for your new address. Don't forget to change your address with GoGetter's Ultimate Change of Address Guide for Winnipeg.

  3. Downsize

     Before you start packing, clear out your unnecessary belongings by sorting into piles – one to sell, one to donate and one to trash. Holding a garage sale can be a great way to sell items you are no longer using. Once the sale is over, call Gogetter to take away your donations and clear away the junk!

  4. Collect & Return

    Check to make sure you have picked up any items that are in for repair, in storage or that friends have borrowed and be sure to return all rented or loaned items too.

  5. Get Packing

    Collect or purchase everything you need to pack from boxes to labels. GoGetter's How To Pack Guide has great tips for making packing much quicker and more efficient.

  6. Clean Up

    Arrange for any work that needs to be done in your new home including a thorough cleaning. If you don't have time to clean both houses, you can also consider hiring a cleaning service. GoGetter can also help with junk removal if any renovations or repairs are done on the new house before you move in.

  7. Turn Off/Turn On

    Make sure to turn off the heat or air conditioning before you leave the house and take a meter reading. You also need to make sure the utilities, water heater, heat or air conditioning units are turned on and the appliances are hooked up and ready for use.

Don't forget to: take down any items that were not included in the sale of your home and leave all keys, remotes, manuals, guarantees and warranties that stay with the house.
For more information and tips on preparing for a move visit GoGetter Moving Tips

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