Moving. This has been listed as one of the the biggest stressors a person or business can experience. What is it about moving that makes it so bad? There's the preparation, the planning, the packing and then there's the actual execution and the disruption that causes. If you look at it a little differently moving can actually be an exciting opportunity, especially if you follow our top tips.

  1. Manage Your Mindset

    Positivity is a powerful tool and it needs to be the most important one in your aresenal.
  2. Hire A Mover

    Sticker shock is a common reaction when it comes to hiring a moving company. Most people and businesses think it's easier and cheaper to move themselves, but have you ever thought about the strain it puts not only on your relationship with friends/family/employees but the cost of your times?
  3. Don't Move What You Don't Use

    If you think it can sit in a box for 2 years, chances are you don't need it in your new location. Have a garage sale, donate to charity or sell online.

Those are our top three. Obviously it seems a little self-serving by mentioning hiring a moving company however we honestly believe people overlook them as a power asset to a move. There is an honesty behind this suggestion, we believe in what we do and we'd love to help you. More importantly, you need to help yourself and that means planning what is best for you.

But there was a real reason for writing this. I need help. Growth requires being open to suggestion and we're looking for yours. Please share your top moving suggestions with us on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.


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Time is money, but it’s also time you could be spending enjoying your new home or office. Our goal is to get you up and running as quickly as possible while ensuring the well-being of your belongings.


Most importantly, we’ll add a lot of personality to what could be a stressful day. We’ll do our best to entertain your family or office!

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