Winnipeg's real estate market is hot and if you want your house to be a top pick for home buyers and be sure to get top dollar for your property, there are some important tips and tricks to stage your home for maximum results.

This process involves taking a big step back from thinking of the house as your family home and finding ways to think objectively. The goal is to depersonalize, declutter and neutralize your home's decor so that it will appeal to a wide set of tastes.

  1. Step #1: Declutter

    The less cramped a room is with extra furniture the bigger it will appear to be. Even if you don't know where you are moving yet, it is not to early to start packing.

    • Pack up personal items including trophies, children's artwork, religious items and family photos.
    • Throw away items that are broken, discolored or damaged beyond repair.
    • Take the time to declutter your closets. Pack away out-of-season clothing and footwear and get rid of garments that no longer fit.
    • Remove unnecessary furniture and accessories that you no longer need or that can be placed in storage.

    If you need help with garbage removal or transportation of bulky items to storage units, be sure to call GoGetter to give you a hand!

  2. Step #2: Clean It Up

    Once you have finished decluttering and getting rid of unnecessary junk, it's time to do a thorough cleaning.

    • Dust, vacuum, sweep and mop.
    • Wash your windows inside and out.
    • Clean the insides and doors of your cupboards and your appliances.
    • Deep clean your carpets and upholstery.
  3. Step #3: Fix It

    Be sure to go through your home and make all necessary repairs to maximize your assets and minimize the flaws.

    • Replace or repair broken light switches, faucets and windows.
    • Repaint wherever necessary to freshen and brighten your home's decor

    Maximize your Curb Appeal

    • Replace or repair broken light switches, faucets and windows.
    • Repaint wherever necessary to freshen and brighten your home's decor
    • Neatly trim your grass.
    • Tend your outdoor plants and bushes.
    • Touch up any trim that needs painting.
    • Power wash the exterior of your home to make it look well cared for and maintained.
  4. Step #4: Accessorize With Style

    Be very selective about which accessories and decor items you showcase in your home. Remember that the goal is to appeal to a broad range of tastes and create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

    • Draperies: If you have heavy draperies on your windows, you may want to replace them with something light and flowing.
    • Art Pieces: Any art pieces should be pleasing but quite neutral and the same goes for artwork.
    • Throw Pillows: You can spruce up any shabby furnishings with modern throw pillows.
    • Area Rugs: Warm up stark flooring with area rugs.

    If you need to purchase any missing furniture pieces to assist in your home staging efforts, keep in mind that GoGetter is always available for pick-up, delivery and assembly of furniture items and accessories.

  5. #5: Make It Shine!

    Once your home has been listed and showings begin, there are some extra touches that will finish off the polished look of your home for potential home buyers to appreciate.

    Be sure to put away personal items like shampoo bottles, toothpaste and hair products.

    • Put away personal items like shampoo bottles, toothpaste and hair products.
    • Make all the beds.
    • Put away the laundry.
    • Clean the counter tops.
    • Empty out the dishwasher.
    • Set a vase of fresh flowers on the table.
    • Light scented candles.
    • Place a bowl of fruit or even bake cookies on the day of the showing.
    • Turn on all the lights.
    • Open all the doors.
    • If you have pets, put away their toys and litter boxes and be sure that there is no fur on the floors or the furniture. If possible, you may even wish to leave your pet with a friend or neighbor during the viewings.

    Do your best to create a pleasant and welcoming atmosphere that home buyers can envision calling home.

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