As we eagerly await the highly anticipated IKEA grand opening in Winnipeg, here are some tips for getting the most out of your shopping experience on opening day.

Whether you are looking for novel ways to organize and declutter your living space, or are trying to get the most functionality out of a small room, IKEA Winnipeg offers affordable, funky ways to furnish your home and lots of inspiration, ideas and decorating options.

Shopping during IKEA's grand opening in Winnipeg will definitely be a lot of fun and by applying these tips you can make the most of opening day!

  1. IKEA Opening Day in Winnipeg Tip #1 - Plan Ahead

    Before you go out the door, take some time to browse the IKEA catalogue or visit their website to figure out what you want to buy. IKEA's website allows you to create a printable list that you can bring with you to the store or save for later. Make a note of the names and models and consult the floor plan to get an idea of where your items will be located. You can also check that the items you wish to purchase are available before going to the store. Don't forget that you can also make purchases online using IKEA's handy shopping cart!

    Make sure that you wear comfortable shoes and dress appropriately for an indoor, heated space. Don't forget to gather all your measurements, paint and fabric samples before heading to IKEA's grand opening!

  2. IKEA Opening Day in Winnipeg Tip #2 - Arriving In The Showroom

    When you arrive at IKEA on opening day your first stop will be the Showroom. Before you start browsing and exploring the sights be sure to get a map and orient yourself. Make sure to get a pencil and a shopping bag which will both be readily available upon entering the store. You will be gathering small items and noting larger items for pick up in the Marketplace.

  3. IKEA Opening Day in Winnipeg Tip #3 - Don't Forget To Take a Break!

    One of the highlights of shopping at IKEA is taking a break and enjoying a meal in the restaurant. The menu items are very tasty and affordable and if you save your receipt you can often enjoy free promotions when you pay for your purchases in the Marketplace.

  4. IKEA Opening Day in Winnipeg Tip #4 - Loading Up Your Cart

    Once you have toured through the Showroom, you will arrive at the Marketplace. The first thing you need to do is find a cart. You will begin loading the items you wish to purchase at this stage. Remember to ask for assistance if you are having difficulty locating an item or if it is too big to move yourself. Don't forget to get any extra items that are required for your purchases since some items require specially designed accessories.

  5. IKEA Opening Day in Winnipeg Tip #5 - It's Time to Check Out

    Once you have all your items gathered on your cart, it is time to head to the check out. Keep in mind that GoGetter will pick up your goods at the store, deliver the goods to your home and assemble it for you when we arrive. Give us a call and we'll be on our way!

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