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Everybody needs a Go Getter!

GoGetter Nominated for a 2014 Torch Award!

Better Business Bureay 2014 Torch Awards Logo

GoGetter has been nominated for a 2014 BBB Torch Award: “This year, the Better Business Bureau serving Manitoba & N.W. Ontario will be hosting our 5th annual Torch Awards to encourage businesses to get into the spotlight. We want to honour companies that have walked the extra mile to maintain a healthy, honest marketplace, and get them the recognition and publicity they…

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No Problem

Broken Axle

This broken axle is just a minor inconvenience… NOTHING STOPS A GOGETTER! While this truck was down, we rented a van and got all our jobs done on time.

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Bike to Work Day

Bike Week Winnipeg

As part of Bike to Work Day, we’ll be hosting a pit stop with FrogBox and Gorp Energy Bars on June 20 from 6:30-9:00 am. Pit Stops are located all over Winnipeg and provide a place for people to stop and enjoy the company of their fellow cyclists on the morning of Bike to Work Day. Most pit stops will…

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IKEA Grand Opening in Winnipeg

Shopping Guide for IKEA Grand Opening in Winnipeg | GoGetter IKEA Shopping Service | Winnipeg, Mantioba

As we eagerly await the highly anticipated IKEA grand opening in Winnipeg, here are some tips for getting the most out of your shopping experience on opening day. Whether you are looking for novel ways to organize and declutter your living space, or are trying to get the most functionality out of a small room, IKEA Winnipeg offers affordable, funky…

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IKEA Grand Opening

All Winnipeggers have heard about the new IKEA being built on Kenaston. On November 28th, IKEA have it’s Grand Opening Day and GoGetter can’t wait!   IKEA Grand OpeningNovember 28, 2012 Not sure how to tackle IKEA? See GoGetter’s tips for IKEA shopping.   See GoGetters top picks for IKEA Furniture!   IKEA Features The new IKEA will feature:  …

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GoGetter in the Toilets

GoGetter Bathroom Ad in Winnipeg, Manitoba

Look for GoGetter in the toilets! Our ads will soon be gracing the walls of restaurant washrooms. We Save Marriages!   Featuring the following GoGetter Services:

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We Save Marriages

GoGetter Saves Marriages | Moving Company, Junk Removal, Furniture Assembly and Home Maintenance

  Here are a few reasons GoGetter can Save Your Marriage! GoGetter will help move that old grouch, I mean, couch to the dump! GoGetter will not back the moving van over your flowerbeds! GoGetter can assemble the new play structure without taking naps! GoGetter won’t make you wait until October to get the new BBQ assembled! How Can We…

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