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Pre-Move Junk Removal + Moving Day Services + Move-out Cleaning

GoGetter provides a full service moving package. Everything you need to make your move hassle free!

No additional charges for Saturday or end of month moving.

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Everybody needs a GoGetter. Serving Winnipeg since 2000.

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GoGetter offers cardboard boxes, plastic furniture wrap (shrink-wrap), and moving blankets to purchase. 

Call GoGetter for pricing if you wish to purchase these moving supplies.

 Our full service moving package includes:


Garbage & Donations Removal

On or before your moving day GoGetter will pickup and dispose of garbage that you do not wish to take with you to your new home. Alternatively, you may choose to donate certain items. GoGetter can deliver these items to the location of your choice.

Common donation items are:

  • Living Room Furniture (excluding mattresses and sofabeds).
  • Small boxed or bagged items.
Get a fresh start in your new home by leaving unwanted items behind.



Moving Day Services

GoGetter provides full service on your moving day by coming prepared with shrink-wrap to wrap all your furniture before the move to minimize scuffs & stains that can result from the moving process. Also included is the disassembling & reassembling of all items that can not be transported in one piece.

We disassemble & reassemble:

  • Beds,
  • Sectional desks,
  • Shelves out of bookcases,
  • Entertainment units,
  • China Cabinets,
  • Sectional Sofas
  • and more.
GoGetter will disassemble and reassemble items upon arrival to save you the time and effort of having to set them up yourself at your new home.


Move Out Cleaning Service

Moving out? GoGetter offers a one-time cleaning service to all of it’s moving clients. Whether you are moving out of a house, apartment, condo, or office, GoGetter can take care of your post-move cleaning needs. Read more about our Move Out Cleaning Service!

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Everybody needs a GoGetter. Call today to get your quote.

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Multiple jobs, one bill to pay!

Combine jobs to help you save money. If you would like us to do some additional jobs while we are at your house or office, please let us know in advance we can ensure we bring everything necessary for your jobs.

Top 10 Moving Tips from GoGetter

You’ve decided to make a move and now your moving date is quickly approaching. Preparing to relocate can be a daunting task but our Top 10 moving tips can make your day go smoothly.

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Everybody needs a GoGetter. Serving Winnipeg since 2000.

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Tips for Moving with Pets!

When moving with pets, ensure all prescription medication and health records are in order. If moving vans are delayed, you may be required to arrange for a kennel stay and having the proper documentation will assist with easy booking at the kennel. Prepare an...

Moving in winter?!

Moving in winter can be a difficult process, especially in Winterpeg! While we can't avoid moving in winter, we can do a few things to help protect items being transported and help keep your moving team safe! It is a good idea to have your driveway, sidewalk, and...

Recycle First, Dump Last!

At GoGetter, we believe in doing our part for the environment. We make every effort to reduce landfill waste by recycling and donating as much as we can. We need your help to do this. We believe recycling is important (we even made a list of reasons for you) and we...

Moving From an Apartment to a House

[one_half] When you move from an apartment to a house it is a big change. You don't understand the real difference until you realize you don't own a lawnmower, or have anything to fill that basement with. Upsizing is always nice but you should be aware of a few items...

GoGetter’s Eco-Friendly Moving Tips

[one_half]Whether you are planning to move to Winnipeg or are simply relocating to a new neighbourhood, it is important to be conscious of the environment before you start packing. Moving can generate a lot of waste from the packing materials to the fuel used in...

Packing Supplies Checklist

  What Packing Supplies Do I Need for My Move? [one_half]When preparing for a move, planning and preparation is important to ensure your household belongings arrive safely in your new home without a scratch. A great place to start is by making a list of what...