Eco-Friendly Garbage Removal

At GoGetter we are proud of our eco-friendly garbage removal policy.  We believe in the value of reusing and recycling instead of wastefully throwing away items that could have a second life. Here in Winnipeg we have many charities that could use your donated items to improve another person’s life. Unfortunately there might be items that are not recyclable but you can be assured that we make every effort to donate or recycle as much as we can.  Read more: Why is recycling important?

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Eco-Friendly Moving Company

GoGetter also takes care to be eco-friendly during house move’s by  making use of reusable FrogBox moving boxes. Canadians use 9 million cardboard moving boxes every month. A considerable amount of water and energy goes into recycling those cardboard boxes. Using FrogBox is an eco-friendly choice as they can be reused over and over again.

Give Your Old Items New Life

Do you have a garage full of old sports equipment, your old bedroom set and last year’s renovation waste? Or do you have a spare bedroom full of unused items? Why not let our professional, uniformed, capable employees come do the work of hauling them away for you! You will enjoy having the extra space in your house again and the recipient of your donation will be smiling too. You can also feel great about having contributed to waste reduction when we recycle your items.

We put in the effort to recycle properly.




Give old items new life

We Reuse, Recycle or donate:

  • Yard Trimmings and Clippings
  • Metal
  • Plastics
  • Cardboard
  • Tires
  • Electronics
  • Appliances
  • Furniture
  • Wood
  • Clothing


  • renovation waste
  • items broken or damaged beyond repair
  • hazardous wastes (which required additional fees and separate drop-off locations)
  • Paint/Chemicals
  • Batteries

Why is recycling important?


Recycling reduces the garbage sent to landfills. Landfills take up valuable space and land. As a Winnipeg community, we want to be making profitable choices about how we use our land instead of filling it up with garbage.


Recycling reduces pollution from landfill leaching. Chemicals thrown into landfills mix with the chemicals that come from the decomposition of garbage. This pollution can be toxic if it contaminates the groundwater. This is an important reason to recycle batteries, chemicals and paints properly.


Recycling conserves our valuable natural resources. Manufacturing a brand-new product without using recycled materials can cause natural resources to be depleted. Recycling conserves our natural resources such as oil, metal and water.


Less garbage in our landfills means less landfill greenhouse gas emissions. Emission from Canadian landfills account for 20% of national methane emissions. As organic waste, such as wood, decomposes in landfills a gas composed primarily of methane is released. Methane is 21 times more potent than carbon dioxide in terms of                     its global warming potential.


Recycling is a step towards preserving our natural resources for future generations. It’s important to consider the value of the planet we inhabit. We want to leave future generations with a healthy place to live. Recycling reduces the need for raw materials, which in turn reduce deforestation, oil drilling, and mining.


GoGetter Moving in WinnipegYou can trust GoGetter to be conscientious about recycling. Our recycle first, dump last policy is our way of contributing to the sustainability of our planet.

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