Moving a backyard playground can be quite a process. Follow these tips below to make sure the process is completed properly and with minimal hassle.

  1. Dismantle the Playground
  2. Moving the Playground
  3. Reassemble the Play Structure


Play Structure Assembly Winnipeg



Tools to Dismantle a Background Playground

  • Trucker or trailer
  • User’s manual
  • Camera
  • Large truck or trailer
  • Padding
  • Straps

Be sure to get a few sets of hands to help when you attempt to relocate the play structure.
Give yourself extra time to plan and prepare before assembling or moving a play structure.



How To Dismantle A Backyard Playground

1Review the user’s manual to familiarize yourself with how the playground was put together.


2Take pictures of the playground. Examine how it is put together and figure out what the fewest possible separations will be that will allow you to move it in flat sections. Pay special attention to how the accessories are attached and take extra photos before taking them apart.


3Take measurements of the height and width of the play structure to ensure that it will fit in the truck or trailer.


4Remove the swings from their hinges and store them in garbage bags or boxes, taking extra care not to tangle the chains.


5Unscrew the slide, monkey bars, crossbar and ladder.


6Place all the items in the truck or trailer with added padding between the wooden pieces and strap everything down securely.


7Be sure to clearly label and store all the screws and bolts in plastic bags or by securing with tape.


Moving A Playground

Never try to move the play structure in one piece.
Never try to move the play structure in one piece. It’s safer to break it down into moveable pieces. These will be less cumbersome to move and will fit and stack more easily in your truck or trailer. Keep in mind that taking a backyard play ground apart is quite easy. The challenge will arise when you try to move or reassemble it.


No Truck?
If you don’t have access to a truck for transport then a company like GoGetter can be called to move the play structure for you and assemble the play structure on arrival.




Assembling A Play Structure

Buying a new play structure from Rona or Costco? Or just moving a play structure from one house to another? There are certain tools and tips you should be aware of to make the assembly process go smoothly. Read more 

Play Structure Assembly Winnipeg