Whether you are planning to move to Winnipeg or are simply relocating to a new neighbourhood, it is important to be conscious of the environment before you start packing. Moving can generate a lot of waste from the packing materials to the fuel used in moving trucks. Along with hiring a moving company that is committed to green moving practices, the following tips give some practical ideas for planning an earth-friendly move:

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1Green Moving Tip: Lighten Your Load

The less stuff you have to move, the less gas the moving truck will use and the less packing materials will be required. This will not only reduce your environmental footprint – it will also save you time and expense. You can cut back on unnecessary belongings by donating, recycling or selling things you don’t really need. Being organized will cut down on stress and manpower, and can even give you the option of moving into a smaller space that takes less energy to heat and cool. If you have large items or trash that need to be removed, be sure to use garbage removal service adheres to an eco-friendly policy.

You can keep items out of the landfill by holding a garage sale, donating clothing, sporting goods, appliances and furniture to thrift stores, dropping off unwanted DVDs and books at the local library and listing items for sale on Kijiji or eBay. And remember, you can get a tax receipt for your charitable donations too!

2Green Moving Idea: Prudent Packing

FROGBOX offers reusable packing crates as a convenient, affordable and eco-friendly alternative to traditional cardboard moving boxes that impact the environment. FROGBOX will deliver reusable moving boxes and supplies right to your door and pick them up when you’re done moving.

If you want to pack in cardboard boxes be sure to choose ones made from recycled materials and use green packing supplies wherever possible. Even old towels and newspapers can be used to protect fragile items, lessening your need for bubble wrap and you can sometimes get free packing materials at recycling centres too. GoGetter’s packing check list provides some great

3Green Moving Idea: Turn Over a New Leaf

As soon as you move into your new home, get in the habit of adopting eco-friendly practices to reduce your environmental impact. Some easy and practical ways to do this include:

  • Say No to Junk Mail – contact your local post office or put up a sign requesting ‘no junk mail’

  • Take the Bus – cut down on the cost of gas and vehicle maintenance by using local transit

  • Recycle At Home – make it easy for everyone in the home to sort out papers, plastics and other recyclables in a central location

  • Clean With Green – vinegar and lemon juice are inexpensive and effective for cleaning windows and more, and they are environmentally-friendly choices for keeping your home sparkling!

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Multiple jobs, one bill to pay!

Combine jobs to help you save money. If you would like us to do some additional jobs while we are at your house or office, please let us know in advance we can ensure we bring everything necessary for your jobs.


At GoGetter we believe in the value of adopting eco-friendly and green practices through every step of a move. Give us a call for peace of mind for your next move!

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