FROGBOX Moving Boxes: Eco-Friendly, Affordable and Convenient

GoGetter is partnering with FROGBOX in Winnipeg, a company committed to minimizing their environmental impact while making moving easier and more affordable with their eco-friendly reusable moving boxes and supplies.

Why GoGetter recommends FROGBOX:

  • FROGBOX is Eco-Friendly
  • FROGBOX Saves Time & Money
  • FROGBOX is Convenient

FROGBOX Winnipeg

1Using FROGBOX Recyclable Moving Boxes Is Eco-Friendly

FROGBOX uses industrial strength, pre-assembled plastic moving boxes that can be used hundreds of times before being recycled into new products. Re-using boxes rather than recycling after a single use, saves energy needed in the recycling process. As part of their commitment to the environment, FROGBOX donates one percent of their gross revenues to Nature North’s Frog Tracking Project, known as the Manitoba Herps Atlas. For more info see: Nature North MHA

This Eco-Friendly mentality is one that GoGetter strongly believes in as you can see from GoGetters Recycle First, Dump Last Garbage removal service.


2Using FROGBOX Moving Boxes Saves Time and Money

FROGBOX delivers your plastic moving boxes and supplies, neatly nested and pre-assembled right to your door and picks them up again once your move is complete. This convenient service is a real time saver.


3Using FROGBOX Moving Boxes Is Convenient

Each FROGBOX allows convenient packing of the equivalent of 30 t-shirts, five pairs of pants and five sweaters. FROGBOX also offers sturdy, upright wardrobe boxes with Velcro enclosures and racks to hang delicate clothing items. Since each FROGBOX is thoroughly cleaned after each use, your personal items will never get soiled or dirty while being moved. Moving dollies and recycled packing paper are also available to make the job of packing easier.


How Many Boxes Do You Need?

To make it easier to estimate the number of boxes needed for a move, FROGBOX has bundled their products into standard house sizes based on number of bedrooms, see the pricing tab for more detail. A handy drop-down menu on the website lets you choose your location, allowing you to determine pricing based on drop-off and pick-up locations.


By choosing to partner with FROGBOX Winnipeg, GoGetter can add further value to great services it already offers to customers in the Winnipeg area.

Be sure to ask GoGetter for your promo code to save $25 off your next FROGBOX order!

While we highly recommend FROGBOX, we do not require our clients to use them, we will happily assist you with your move regardless of your choice in moving materials.