When looking to purchase new furniture, a barbecue or a play structure, cost is one factor that many people consider. One option that can save money is buying flat-packaged items, as long as you are prepared to assemble the item once you get it home. This can be a roadblock for those who lack the time, expertise or tools to do the job right. That’s why many people decide to hire an assembly service company. Before deciding what company to call, there are a few key things to look for.

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3 Tips when Hiring an Assembly Company


1 Does your assembly service company offer pick-up, delivery and clean-up following assembly?

Having a company that offers pick-up and delivery services in addition to assembly will save you time, the hassle of trying to transport bulky items in your vehicle and peace of mind that your new purchase will make it home safely. As well, following assembly and set-up, it’s very convenient to have all the packaging materials removed from your premises. So, it is important that you be sure that pick-up, delivery, assembly, set-up and removal of packaging materials are all included in the job done by your assembly service company.

2 Will your assembly service company come equipped with the right tools and equipment?

Any reputable assembly service company will send their assemblers with all the tools and equipment needed to do the job right. Flat-packed items likely include basic tools in the box, but proper tools make the job much quicker and ensure that your items are assembled properly, with durability and quality in mind. The tools most likely required include an electric screw driver, rubber mallet, a pencil, a level, and possibly a mat to work on (or the packaging itself) to avoid scratching, marking or damaging your flooring and the assembled item.


3 Is your assembly service company licensed, bonded and insured?

Knowing that the assembly service company that you hire has the proper insurance and licenses is very important. This will especially be the case if you hire them during a move. Hiring a company to disassemble your belongings, safely transport them and then reassemble at your new home can be a great advantage over hiring a regular moving company. So, it is very important that they have the proper coverage and that they take full responsibility for the safe transport and assembly of your personal belongings.


Follow these Tips and get the job done right!

Keeping these three points in mind will help you to select the best assembly service company for your needs, saving you time and inconvenience. Knowing that the team you hire has the expertise to assemble your items correctly will give you peace of mind. The right company will have the best tools required for the job, saving you the frustration of trying to work with sub-standard tools or worry about disposing of packaging.


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