When you need to purchase new appliances, give GoGetter a call! We pick up and deliver fridges, stoves, dishwashers, washers & dryers and more.

You can even shop from the convenience of home and GoGetter will pick-up your purchases, load them with care and transport them to their new location. 

Use this handy Appliance Delivery Checklist to take the guesswork out of successful delivery of your appliances:


Delivery Service | Furniture & Appliance Delivery | Winnipeg

1Let Your Delivery Company Know…


  • whether to use front or rear access to your residence
  • measurements of doorways and narrow hallways
  • number of flights of stairs and any awkward angles
  • type of flooring, making note of newly laid tile that can shift

2To Prepare for Delivery…

  • if you live in an apartment building or condo, be sure to book the elevator
  • clear driveway, walkways and clutter
  • make sure there is room for a large delivery truck to unload
  • make sure that someone over the age of 18 is home
  • remove pets from the premises or secure them during delivery


Delivery Service | Winnipeg | GoGetter Moving and Odd Jobs

3On Delivery Day…


  • be sure that appliances are unloaded as close to installation location as possible
  • make sure electrical outlets are left accessible for installation


Multiple jobs, one bill to pay!

Combine jobs to help you save money. If you would like us to do some additional jobs while we are at your house or office, please let us know in advance we can ensure we bring everything necessary for your jobs.


GoGetter offers expert delivery service of all your appliances including positioning and removal of packaging materials.


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