Moving in the cold weather of winter can be a difficult process, especially in Winterpeg! While we can’t avoid moving in winter, we can do a few things to help protect items being transported and help keep your moving team safe!
Moving in winter?! - GoGetter Moving and Odd JobsIt is a good idea to have your driveway, sidewalk, and steps cleared of snow and use salt or sand on any icy spots. We will be more than happy to do it for you but it will save you time and money by doing it yourself! That said, boots and footwear can easily track slush and sand into your home during the move which can soil carpets or even damage the hardwoods. To prevent any unnecessary damage, we always lay down moving pads and remove footwear!
Another key factor of moving in winter is icy, snowy roads, accidents, and construction zones which can delay our drivers getting to and from destinations. We suggest adding some extra time in your schedule to make up for this. A fully loaded moving van can not stop as easily as a normal vehicle so we must take precautions!
Good luck with your winter move! Give us a call at 204.228.3260 for a free estimate!