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Take Stock

Before you begin your assembly project be sure to check that all pieces are included and that none are damaged. How disappointing it would be to spend hours assembling only to discover a piece is damaged or missing!

  • Open the box and remove packing materials.
  • Inspect each item to ensure there is no damage to any of the furniture pieces.
  • Locate assembly instructions and parts list.
  • Count all furniture parts as well as included assembly screws, dowels, etc.


Tool Tips

Furniture Assembly – what tools do you need? Flat-pack furniture often comes with all the necessary tools you need to put the furniture together. However, that doesn’t mean they are the best tools for the job.

GoGetter uses the following tools to make furniture assembly easier and faster:

  • Electric Screw Driver – Skip the Allen Key that is included – it works, but it is slow and requires a lot of force. Be sure to tighten manually at the end, an electric screw driver can give too much force and chip the particle board.
  • Screw Drivers – For manually tightening screws as necessary.
  • Hammer or Rubber Mallet – A hammer is fine, but you want to be sure to not use too much force as it could chip the particle board. A Rubber mallet might be a better choice for flat-pack furniture assembly.
  • A Pencil – for marking any lines on walls or furniture.
  • A Level – to help with fastening angle properly and mounting furniture on a wall.


Furniture Assembly


  • Have 2 people available for assembly, this will make the process so much easier. More than 2 can be required if the item is large or heavy.
  • Clear a large area on the floor.
  • Consider assembling on a mat or carpet to avoid damage or scratching to the floor or the assembled furniture.

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