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“White Glove” Delivery Service

GoGetter is your premier delivery company. Since 2000, our client focus has been to maximize convenience and affordability for companies in delivering their product with “White Glove” levels of service.

Wouldn’t it be nice to exceed your customer’s delivery expectations? At GoGetter we not only delivery the goods, we deliver an experience!

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Exceed Expectations

Wouldn’t it be nice to exceed your customer’s delivery expectations by:

  1. guaranteeing delivery time within a 2 hour window??
  2. unpacking and assembling deliveries for customers?
  3. positioning deliveries in their house?
  4. removing packaging material from the customer’s residence?
  5. offering removal of unwanted furniture for a small extra fee?

Now there is a service provider who does it all!

We’ve heard over and over how frustrated companies are with delivery drivers who strive for the minimum amount of work and whose careless attitude leads to damaged goods and poor public relations with their customers. In other words, the delivery drivers don’t think like owners and don’t treat customers the way YOU would!

We Specialize

GoGetter specializes in serving companies that require pickup and delivery of customer goods on a routine basis. With our team of experienced drivers and movers we are focused on providing outstanding customer service to your clientele.


Our technology and expertise allow us to not only deliver your goods, but provide additional support services to your clients. Not only will our drivers deliver the goods within predetermined time frames, they also offer to assist in unpacking and removing the packing material from the premises.

We Go Above & Beyond

What GoGetter offers is beyond a normal delivery service. We go beyond expectations to make your business look better in the eyes of your clients to ensure they keep coming back for the experience only a partnership with GoGetter provides.


We know our clients need to reduce expenses wherever they can and this is a great way to save money and improve the customer’s experience. “White Glove” Delivery service starts at only $85 plus GST. That’s it – no contracts, retainers or benefits… just pay for the service you use – we’re on call for you.


"For several years our condo corporation has used GoGetter for all our maintenance work including lawn care, snow removal, window and eaves cleaning. We appreciate their reliable and friendly service and quick response to special requests for service. We rely completely on GoGetter to maintain our property in excellent condition."

Elizabeth - Winnipeg, MB


"Our law firm has been using GoGetter services for over 5 years. We find GoGetter to be efficient, reliable and friendly. We would not hesitate to recommend them to colleagues, friends and family and routinely do so. We strongly recommend GoGetter as a means of "getting things done" around our office. "

Melanie Santa Olschewski Feuer Davie Lawyers