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GoGetter can help you get your home or office ready for spring.  Let us do your heavy lifting!

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GoGetter: Winnipeg Moving

Voted Top 3 Moving Company of 2015!

GoGetter Moving was voted Top 3 Moving Company of 2015 in the City of Winnipeg.
Based on quality, service, value and professionalism.  
Thanks for voting for us!                 www.TopChoiceAwards.com 
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GoGetter: Winnipeg Movers

Winnipeg Moving Company

Your Winnipeg relocation specialists! Whether it’s just a few items that need to be moved to another room, or an entire apartment or house, GoGetter Moving is the cost-effective option. Our moving services will eliminate the hassle of renting a van and doing the heavy lifting yourself.

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Delivery Service

GoGetter is your premier Winnipeg delivery company. Our delivery services will eliminate the hassle of renting a van and doing the heavy lifting yourself:

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Everybody needs a Go Getter! Winnipeg's moving & relocation specialists

Serving Winnipeg since 2000

Moving Company

GoGetter is your full service moving company. House & apartment moves, office moves & more. We are your Winnipeg relocation specialists!

Move-Out Cleaning

Whether you are moving out of a house, apartment, condo, or office, GoGetter can take care of your post-move cleaning needs.

Delivery Services

GoGetter is Winnipeg’s premier relocation specialist. We’ll pick-up and deliver your new furniture, appliances and more!

Assembly Services

Our technicians are experienced in furniture assembly of all kinds. Your furniture will be assembled in a timely and professional manner. The furniture will be positioned and all packaging materials will be removed from your home.

Junk Removal

At GoGetter we are proud of our eco-friendly garbage removal policy. We believe in the value of reusing and recycling instead of wastefully throwing away items that could have a second life.

Office Services

From inter-office moving to installing keyboard trays and changing light bulbs, call GoGetter for those moving an maintenance jobs that every office has. Every business needs a GoGetter!

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Everybody needs a GoGetter. Serving Winnipeg since 2000.

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This was an excellent experience for us; GoGetter just rocked it. They got all our stuff moved, did a teardown of our treadmill and put it all back together for us, and took away some of our large unwanted garbage, all in an hour. Plus the fact that they penciled us in as a tentative to save a spot on the schedule for us, because I happened to mention I was off from work on a given day was a huuuuge plus from my perspective. 10 out of 10, will absolutely hire again. D.B.

Wow!!! We hired gogetter to assemble office furniture and I have to say I was very impressed. He was on time, friendly, professional, considerate and got the job done perfectly in no time – we would hire them again without a second thought. I highly recommend them you will not be disappointed. Great job gogetter!!!!!!!! Happy Customer

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